Bromley Temple Trust Fundraising FAQ

Q1. What is Bromley Temple Trust or BTCA? 

Bromley Temple Trust (also known as BTCA) is UK registered charity no 1166773 regulated by the UK Charity Commission (Registered with charity commission in 2016). This charity started in 2012 as a not for profit organisation with an aim to bring the Indian community in Bromley and adjoining areas together to promote our culture and faith while also to support the needs of the children and the elderly.

Please check us on the UK Charities commission website:

Q2. Who owns Bromley Temple Trust charity?

No one owns Bromley Temple Trust charity. There are 3 Trustees who are responsible for running the charity and every trustee is elected for a max term of 3 years. Any community member (over 18 years) is eligible to become a trustee when elected by the working committee.

Q3. What are the funds going to be used for?

The funds will be used for acquisition of the permanent property for Mandir

Q4. Are there more details about the property?

  • 0.31 acres independent gated complex with a hall of 2,042 sq. ft.
  • (400-500 seating capacity) within 1 mile of Bromley South and Bromley Common.
  • Has a small working kitchen with ample parking space of more than 15 cars inside the complex and about 60-70 cars in adjoining open space.
  • Total funds required £1.3 M (including asking price of £ 1.1 Million and 200,000 expenses including stamp duty and legal fees)

Q5. Why have Bromley Temple Trust chosen this particular property?

The property is centrally located within Bromley. It has a D1 classification – required for a place of worship. It has a huge hall which can be used by the community for other activities including yoga, dance, language classes, religious and personal functions and parties.

Q6. Who will benefit from this property purchase?

The local community will benefit from it by using it for religious and cultural purposes and celebrations or for personal functions, parties and gatherings/coaching for the children and the elderly.

Q7. Is there any timeline for collection of the funds?

Yes, we need to collect the funds within a month in order to be able to put an offer for the property.

Q8. What happens if the property in question is not acquired for any reason?

Bromley Temple Trust will actively continue to look for suitable alternate properties and keep the donors informed on a regular basis. The charity accounts will be available for review upon request anytime for members of the community.

Q9. How Can I make a contribution?

On behalf of community we all appreciate your generous support, and  you may choose any of the following methods to send in your contribution, if you are an UK Tax payer, then we request you to consider completing the Gift Aid form, this will give a much needed boost to the fundraising.

  1. To Donate for your mandir:
  2. Bromley Temple Trust, Sort Code: 23-05-80, Account Number: 19943787 

    IBAN : GB50MYMB23058019943787 (International Bank Account Number)

    BIC: MYMBGB2L (Bank Identifying Code)

  3. or write a check in favour of "Bromley Temple Trust", and hand in to a volunteer at the monthly prayer meetings or post to, Vimal Kumar, 174, Southborough Lane, Bromley, BR2 8AL.
  4. Or you may set up direct debit by completing bankers order provided here
  5. or you may donate online using Secure PayPal payment

Q10. What is Gift Aid?

A HMRC scheme enabling registered charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, effectively increasing the amount of the donation.

Using Gift Aid means that the taxman will add 25p to every pound you give. More details about Gift Aid

Q11. I have more queries, whom can I contact?

Please e-mail any of your queries to, and a volunteer will get in touch to respond or call us at 020 3900 2148.